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Grokalp is a pioneering technology innovation company with a strong focus on climate and sustainability. Our groundbreaking process, utilizing India's First Industrial Gas Reactor, produces hydrogen and Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) from natural gas, biogas, and methane, setting new standards in eco-friendly industrial practices.
Our Patented Process Yields Two Transformative Products

Carbon Nanotubes, a revolutionary material shaping the landscape of tomorrow's world.

Hydrogen, a clean energy source driving the future forward



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Working towards solving Liquid Hydrogen in Collaboration with Kazan University, Russia


Our team’s mission is to decarbonize the globe and make industries with net-zero carbon output.  

A world where clean energy is abundant, affordable, and accessible to all. That's the world we're working towards at GroKalp as technology company. With our cutting-edge green and turquoise hydrogen production processes, and our innovative process which allows us to produce high-quality MWCNTs, we're making that dream a reality. Let's shape the future together.

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