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Elina Isaeva

Head CNT Projects

Elina Isaeva is an expert in the field of Textile materials, particularly composite materials reinforced with innovative fibers. She holds a degree in Textiles Engineering from Kazan National Research Technological University. During her time in university, she was heavily involved in research, focusing on topics such as high-strength fibers and polymer composites.  Before graduating, Elina gained practical experience at LLC CARBONTEX, specializing in carbon-reinforced composites and 3D-weaving technology.

She developed a strong understanding of creating durable and lightweight materials for aviation and aerospace industry.  Throughout her academic journey, Elina participated in significant projects experimenting on carbon nanotubes for aerospace applications. She was also an active member of her department's research team, contributing to projects related to oil and gas competitions.

All while, Elina Isaeva was a Head of one of the branches of Student Science Society navigating and mentoring freshman year student in  their journey to scientific research.

In addition to her hands-on experience, Elina has authored several papers published in Russian scientific databases, showcasing her expertise in textile composites. She strives to continue to innovate in her field, pushing boundaries and making valuable contributions to the industry.

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