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What is a Handbook?

What is a handbook and why you should have one? 


When you buy a new machine it will be accompanied by the user manual that gives you all the essential information about the new product.  You will get familiar with the new device faster and start to use it efficiently if you consult the manual. 


In a similar way, when the question is what is a handbook? The answer is, it is a process book containing information such as company overview, policies, and values that will optimize the processes and boost the organization to its full potential. If you imagine your organization as a smoothly running machine, the process book is the user manual.

Handbook Summon Electronics

What is a handbook for employees?


What is a handbook for employees and what is it required for? A handbook for employees (also known as an employee manual or staff handbook) is an employee handbook to describe the processes and procedures of an organization so that the team can work in harmony and to their maximum efficiency levels. 


A handbook for employees also describes the culture of the organization focusing on the mission, vision, values, policies, and rules of the organization. A new employee when asks, what is a handbook for employees? The handbook should explain to him who is the company, how it functions and what it expects from the employees.


But every time a question arises what is a handbook for employees that matches your organization’s individual needs in both informational and inspirational ways?

What is the aim of a handbook?


Problems such as time zone differences, overlapping work, and the lack of offering in-depth knowledge to the employees can result in decreased productivity. When we talk about what is the aim of a handbook it aims at increasing the efficiency in business by optimizing all the processes, and employee performance by giving the overall description of the working of the organization.  


When the question arises what is the aim of a handbook the answer is the aim is to Improve the Performance of a Business Process by bringing the overall duties, responsibilities, and working of the employees under one.


All the team members will be benefiting from the increased business efficiency by following the processes. New members can immediately start value addition to the organization benefitting from the smooth onboarding. The overall functioning of the organization will be well-defined and it results in a harmonious and productive working environment.  

Contact us to Make your Handbook

Someone who improves an existing business can be called an intrapreneur.

What is a handbook must be clear in the above description? But who should you contact for the expertise in order to get your unique and professional handbook? 


Someone who improves an existing business can be called a business developer or an intrapreneur. Our team of intrapreneurs (business developers, innovative consultants?) will use design thinking and create your organization’s handbook according to your individual needs. 


With a comprehensive and humane approach, we conduct interviews of the team members as well as empathize with the heads of each department of the organization. Our team follows each step from explaining the processes to executing regular reviews in order to keep the content accurate. 


We use the online platform Canva as well as Lucid charts for the flow charts to ensure effortless modification and sharing of the content. 

Project Delivered by Grokalp Ltd.

Summon Electronics is a leading electronic component distributor and supply-chain solution provider. In order to make the best out of the organization’s processes our team of innovators suggested making a handbook explaining the organization and the range of services they provide to its customers. 


After identifying the complications, our innovation consulting services team led by Diksha Pandey helped to clarify the company’s visions and increased the in-depth knowledge of the processes and responsibilities. For a faster and more selective consultation, the handbook is divided into departments. 


Our team keeps following up on the ongoing progress and suggesting improvements. The relationship with our customers is valuable and we will support you before, during, and after your handbook is delivered.   

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