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We're revolutionizing the cleantech industry with our patented innovative process to produce hydrogen from biogas, natural gas, and methane. Our dedication lies in exceeding customer expectations by delivering the best products and services available. Hydrogen fueling a global switch to clean heating, zero-emission electricity, and sustainable transport.

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Hydrogen and its use

  • Hydrogen is the simplest element, a single proton and electron. It's incredibly abundant but rarely found alone, mostly combined in water (H2O).

  • Currently, it's used in industrial processes (refining, fertilizer), fuel cells (vehicles, power), and even rocket fuel!

Hydrogen demand

  • Clean burning: When used as fuel, it emits only water vapor, unlike fossil fuels which release greenhouse gases.

  • Versatile: Can be used in various sectors like transportation, heating, and electricity generation.

  • Energy storage: Can store excess renewable energy (like wind or solar) and release it later.

Current hydrogen production methods are CO₂-intensive

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