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Image by NASA

Grokalp: Shaping the Future with Innovation (2026-2030 Roadmap)

2026: Redefining Hydrogen Production

  • Revolutionizing Electrolyzer Membranes: Cutting production costs by 50% with our patented technology, paving the way for the cheapest hydrogen on the market.

Image by Timothy Newman
  • Unlocking Efficiency Gains: Implementing CNTs to increase jet engine operating temperatures, resulting in significant efficiency improvements.

2027: Taking Flight with Advanced Jet Engines

2028: Beyond Plastic, Embracing CNT Carbon Fiber

  • Sustainable Strength: Replacing conventional plastic with revolutionary CNT-based carbon fiber, offering superior strength and eco-friendly benefits.

Image by SpaceX
  • Shielding Spacecraft Electronics: Utilizing CNT coatings to protect critical electronics from radiation beyond Earth's atmosphere, ensuring mission success.

2029: Protecting Space Exploration with CNT Coatings

2030: Powering the Future with CNT Transmission Lines

Image by Rodion Kutsaiev
  • Revolutionizing Power Delivery: Developing CNT-based power transmission wires for efficient and high-capacity energy transfer, shaping the future of power grids.

Grokalp is committed to innovation.

Join us as we push the boundaries of technology and create a more sustainable future.

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