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Why Clients Don’t Respond - Reasons and Remedies

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

There is a certain type of work environment we desire to work in. It mostly depends on the organization, its structure, employees, policies, and countless other minor and major things. But one thing that labels your day as a day well spent or a day wasted is client reciprocation. If conversations with clients go smoothly there’s a happy carefree smile on your face with a pinch of a sense of accomplishment. But if it all goes south, It’s so very simple to let your mind wander in a negative direction. Self-doubt and pessimism are the first two things that start building up an abode in our minds. And this is extremely natural. After all, way to an optimistic attitude cannot be devoid of such incidents of getting lost.

It is crucial to keep a leveled head and then function. This simple statement is better said than done. Below are a few things you can follow to uphold your integrity and stand your ground analyzing everything calmly.

Be Prompt

Always be prompt to respond. It is not necessary to always say what your client wants to hear. If it’s something that needs to be said, then the delay is the last thing you want to rely on. It only builds up anxiety both for you and your client. This whole anxiety game can be won just by being prompt Because time is of the essence.

Put Yourself In Another’s Shoe:

If you are stuck anywhere, skip back to basics. Try your best not to put your client in a situation that you would want to avoid. It is always wise to give a second read and a good thought to what you have written.

We are living in an era where constant change and innovation are a necessary evil. It’s essential to think out of the box. But sometimes the reasons for clients' unresponsiveness could be very simple and common. Here are a few reasons that tend to skip our thought process when we don’t receive a reply from the client.

The Client Could Be Busy For Real

We all have our priorities to look after and the same goes for the client. Priorities can be both personal and professional. As crude as it may sound, it is very likely that you are not on the client’s priority list. And this is nothing to be bothered about. Your client is bound to have a thousand other works to attend to. Relax and think straight. Give it time. A closure is inevitable. Keep in mind the follow-up etiquettes and proceed.

Mail Redirected To Spam Folder

The mail could have been redirected to the client’s spam folder. And such a case leaves no one at fault.

The Client Wanted To Do Some Background Research

Every third mail to a business, organization, or individual could be fraud mail these days. There is no guarantee to know whether a mail is genuine or not. The only way you can assert authenticity is by running a quick background check on your level. Do not be offended by this line of thinking. Everyone has a desire to protect themselves and their actions are ruled by this desire. Research to establish authenticity needs time, which could result in a delayed response.

Status Quo Effect

There is a perception bias known as the status quo effect. This implies that a person, when given a choice, would always opt for or stick to the default option. Preference is biased towards the existing state of affairs. When we approach, we present a new option to the client, which many times people are hesitant to choose. The only way to penetrate this psychological defense is by showing how the customer will be benefiting from our proposal. We must also sound that we are approachable and enthusiastic as well.

I hope this gives you a better idea of how the client’s mind might be functioning. Although, the reason could be something else altogether. We are talking about people and every person speaks and reacts in their unique way. There is no point in blaming yourself for the fall.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that follow-up is crucial. It shows your interest in working with the client. And there is no logic in wasteful imagination. Abiding by follow-up etiquettes can spare us from a lot of futile stress build-up.

I hope this helps in your future endeavors. Wish you all the best.

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