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Disruption Preparedness Assessment Tool

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

We would like to invite you to take part in a survey to assess your disruption preparedness. Disruptions can occur unexpectedly and have a significant impact on individuals and organisations alike. By completing this survey, you will help us better understand the level of preparedness of individuals and organisations for potential disruptions and enable us to develop strategies to minimize the impact of such events.

Your participation is crucial in enabling us to gather comprehensive data that will help us make informed decisions on how best to prepare for disruptions. The survey is straightforward and will take just a few minutes to complete. Rest assured that your responses will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be used for research purposes.

Discovering human capabilities towards innovation

  • Depending on Customer behaviour can play a big role

  • Develop leadership principles to build human capabilities

  • Develop interactive CFT with external experts

  • Shifting mindsets towards new technology

New Technological Adoption

  • Prepare strategy for future technology

  • Combinations of present & future technologies will help

  • Reinforce the dominance in the market

  • Technology isn’t the greatest disruption driver

New opportunity diversification

  • Opting some defensive measures

  • Challenge the management to revisit their strategies

  • Use wait-and-see approach of the industry

  • Don't forget the older generation

Diverge today's threat to future opportunity

  • Look outside the traditional enterprise walls

  • Focus on developing innovative culture and leadership

  • Focus on refinement of the current technology

  • Technologies are not affordable

Embrace the change and accept failure

  • Use traditional ways of competing

  • Create a new role to focus exclusively on disruption

  • Review the complete industry analysis

  • Learn from the failure and restart

Focus on solution rather reaction

  • Working towards being leaders in a fresh market

  • Developing ecosystems

  • Focus on maintaining business continuity

  • Focus on the current strategy

Multiple concepts development & their quick evaluation

  • Innovation is inherently risky

  • Leads to struggle in determining which ideas to support

  • Make a bold move to develop a new core business

  • Focus on prototype & testing

Create deliberate innovation strategy

  • Create & develop external resources

  • Create boundary & conditions for the opportunity

  • Study the past behaviour of the market

  • Set a clear Goals of the company

Industrial incumbents to create new businesses

  • Have courage to decide what not to do & what not to fund

  • Ambiguity to enable the strategic pivots

  • Adapting the core to meet shifting customer needs

  • Confident in the current strategy

Yield on current investment

  • Invest in new forms of education and infrastructure

  • Spot emerging changes in customer behaviour

  • Follow the trends

  • Set in motion other project for regular profits

Risk Consideration for future

  • Partnership & M&A can reduce risk

  • Separate traditional business from newly emerging business

  • Carefully scrutinised strategic analyses

  • No risk involvement in current business

Value innovation for stakeholders

  • Develop team around a promising concept

  • Re-evaluate the innovation

  • Opportunity to displace big companies

  • Implementing safety measures against innovation

Monitoring critical uncertainties

  • Net effect has been on total market growth

  • Test new businesses for progress and learning

  • Changes to sales models and price

  • Introduces gradual improvements in existing product

Transformation through business model innovation

  • Use low cost for upending established business models

  • Building the foundation for post crisis growth

  • Outside experts can give you a new angle

  • Improving the existing model

Long term strategy for sustainability

  • Making better products that can be sold for profits

  • Only regulatory changes are driver of disruption

  • Revision on mission & vision of the company

  • Adapt to new market realities

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