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Empathy meaning in Hindi

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Empathy meaning in Hindi is kisi manushya ki bhawan ko samazna aur use khud bhi mahsoos kar pana. Empathy is understanding the feeling of others by putting yourself into their shoes. Empathy helps you to find a solution to a given problem. Empathy is the first step in human-centered Design Thinking which help us to connect with the user and understand their feeling. To know more about empathy and design thinking read.

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Empathy meaning in Hindi can be further explained as dusro ke dard ko samzna aur use kaise door kiya jaye yah sochna. Empathy meaning can be further explained as understanding the given problems and thinking of a solution for that particular problem. Empathy in human-centered design thinking helps the designer to understand what a customer wants and more over how he wants it.

There are four points that should be kept in mind by a designer before empathizing with the user in human-centered design thinking. The designer should focus on the 4 why’s in human-centered design thinking.

  • What is the problem?

  • Where is the problem?

  • Who is affected by the problem?

  • Why it is important to solve the problem?

Empathy meaning in Hindi and sympathy meaning in Hindi are almost the same. According to the dictionary, empathy meaning in Hindi is sahanubhuti which is the same as sympathy meaning in Hindi. There is a fine line between both the words which in Hindi means the same. The main difference is that in sympathy we only understand the pain of others whereas in empathy we feel the pain and try to find a solution to that problem.

Empathy meaning in Hindi with example can make it easier to understand what empathy is and how it differs from sympathy. In simple words, many have sympathy for poor people but only a few empathize and donate something that can help. We cross a road and see an accident we feel bad for them, that is sympathy. We feel bad, and understand he needs help and if we stop helping him by calling the ambulance or by taking him to the hospital we empathize with that person. In the second case, we helped the person by finding the solution to his problem by understanding his pain and needs in the given situation.

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