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Ladakh Road Trip

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Leh Ladakh road trip is for the traveler who has the appetite for the adventure of a lifetime. The off-road adventures that the terrain offers. The rising altitude with every mountain pass challenges the body and mind to adapt to oxygen levels. The majestic view of the mountains and the river flowing with the road create the perfect vibe of a road trip.

Ladakh Expedition

Ladakh expedition was an idea that was new in the tourism industry. So we created a well-balanced expedition for the

people who don’t have the skill and amenities required for the Ladakh expedition. The off-road adventure requires a skilled driver to drive through this region of the Himalayan ranges. It has the most dangerous rods in the world which connect the valleys. Ladakh Expedition is not for the faint-hearted it demands a lot of planning and skill development to survive and enjoy the adventure.

Leh Ladakh Car Trip

Leh Ladakh car trip was the action plan for us. We prepared the vehicle and ourselves for the trip. The car we took for the trip was Ford Ecosport, as the vehicle has adequate ground clearance and comfort to get us through the Leh Ladakh road trip we planned. The roads after Leh to the interior valleys of Ladakh raised questions on the choice of vehicle. The terrain requires a much more powerful engine and a 4x4 transfer case is much more appreciated. There is when the skills and knowledge of handling such terrain come in handy in making the Leh Ladakh car trip a successful expedition.

Ladakh roads

Ladakh roads are famous for being the world’s most dangerous roads. We got to know it first hand when we reached Zojila pass as we entered Leh Ladakh through Jammu and Kashmir. We encountered the Zojila pass at night, making it more adventurous and challenging. The experience mentally prepared us for the challenging adventure on the Ladakh roads.

Delhi to Ladakh road trip

Delhi to Ladakh road trip plan was started by planning the route map as there are two routes to complete the Leh Ladakh road trip. One was via Srinagar in Jammu Kashmir. The other one was via Manali to Ladakh road trip.

Manali to Ladakh road trip

Manali to Ladakh road trip was the action plan under the outdoor expedition program.

On the first day, we took the route from Delhi to Jammu to Leh. We reached Zozila Pass at 11 the night and stayed at the best homestay in the area.

Our eyes opened to the beautiful valley of Leh and Ladakh with the view of mountains and river basins at the side of the road. Visiting the Kargil war memorial was an experience that adds to the proudness and value of the valley as our army conquered it after the war of Kargil.

Driving the night through the mountain passes and staying at another local homestay just 30 km away from Pangong Tso, we woke up and visited the highest saltwater lake in the world.

The adventure can’t be described in words, the expedition was all about the experience of the Changthang cold desert century. Finishing the day at Khardhung la pass even known as the highest motorable pass and spending the night in Leh at the homestay known as Shakspo House.

The hospitality of that place and the ambiance gave a fantastic experience of the Ladakh road trip. After participating in the expedition a testimony popped in my email from Eksha, travelers who participated in the outdoor expedition program with GroKalp.

Hope this blog gives you enough reasons to experience the expedition program with us. Our whole sole moto behind the expedition is to provide our participants the experience of a lifetime and many more to come. Ladakh road trip is the expedition we are plane and prepared to deliver to our participants. Please read my another blog on details of Leh Road Trip

Link of the testimony from Eksha

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