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Leh Road Trip To Explore Life

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Leh Trip - geography of the area.

Leh road trip is for those individuals who love mountains and bike rides. Located in North India, also known as India’s cold desert always remains on every traveler’s bucket list. Jagged mountains and the sound of the Indus river which flows through deep mountains and valleys add love to its raw beauty. The chilling wind there freezes your bones at night, so plan your Ladakh ride according to the weather.

Leh trip on Rajdoot. The first Leh road trip.

Leh trip started in the 1980s when a person (name unknown) started his Rajdoot of Escort Group and went on an adventure of a lifetime. Motorcycling at the altitude of 11483 ft on a bike with no set plan on how to conquer the mighty cold mountain desert with ruthless and rugged terrain as it is at the feet of the Himalayas. He took ten days to reach Leh Ladakh with the help of the army but did not reach Khardungla pass and returned just from Ladakh riding back to where he started.

Leh road trip trend on Motorcycle.

Leh trips on motorcycles were started when Israelis came to India after serving the army

time for touring India and started buying motorcycles such as Royalenfield and Rajdoot as they are heavy CC bikes of that era. They traveled India on those bikes and started doing Ladakh rides as it was an off-road adventure mecca and known to be the highest motorable road and the land of mountain passes.

Leh trip preferred machine.

Leh Roade Trip is nostalgically connected to Royal Enfield, as it is rugged and built for such off-roads and can be maintained by the rider as there was no mechanical help in that region. For the Ladakh ride, riders had to carry fuel for their vehicles as well. This was the preferred choice of many riders back then.

Leh road trip is all about conquering the highest motorable road in the world.

Leh trip plan consists of 12 mountain passes, infinite twists, and turns that take the rider to the highest motorable road in the world at the height of 19,024 ft at Umling La pass in Ladakh. For some border controversial reasons, the Leh Ladakh ride is diverted to the second highest motorable road that is Khardhunglaa at an altitude of 18,380 ft for tourists.

Leh trip takes you to the place which is colonized by.

Leh trip takes you to the place which is colonized by Tibetan refugees and Shepherds who migrated there seasonally for the sustainability of their cattle. Life alongside the coldness is very harsh and ruthless.

Leh road trip. A Journey to the mountain top.

The Leh trip starts from Rohtang pass to the Khardhunana at an altitude of 18,380 ft. After BRO built roads to make transport easy for them and the public who want to travel to the area. Attracting the tourist’s attention to Leh & Ladakh made Ladakh ride an adventurer's bucket list wish, as well as a tourist destination.

Leh trip plan according to the climate and atmosphere.

Leh trip plan should be made keeping in mind the lowest recorded temperature in the region which was minus 27.2 degrees Celcius Due to the high altitude, the quantity of oxygen molecules per breath is 68% to 59% in the Leh Ladakh area. The modern-day vehicles which use fuel injection technology suffer in delivering optimal power due to the lack of oxygen. Riders and tourists who visit Ladakh should consider this a major risk, as the Leh road trip is not for the faint-hearted.

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Membro sconosciuto
27 dic 2023

Many Indian’s primary wish to travel Ladakh by a road trip on their own bike. Definitely my dream also. Hope I will also achieve it.

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Lokesh Joshi
Lokesh Joshi
09 ago 2022

Very good and informative article about Leh road trip

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