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The Habits

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

What Are The Habits

Let’s define habits first. So that we all have the same starting point. Our Behavior is a product of our habits. Whatever we do in our daily life from morning to bedtime reflects our habits. As per research, around 45% of our behavior is repetitive.

Our daily routine is the sum of our daily habits. First, you build your habits and after that, your habits build your life.

You must have seen few people are very happy in life. They are very disciplined and rational decision-makers. Why so? It’s all because of their habits.

How Do We Build Our Habits?

Simply by repetition and celebration.

When you repeat your behavior day by day, week by week, month by month, something happens in your brain. What is that? Those are neurons. The more you repeat any behavior your neurons create a strong brain path. This is applicable to all habits, it doesn't matter if they are good or bad. If you have bad habits, that means your neurons' brain path is very strong towards bad habits compared to good habits and vice versa.

Is It Possible To Break The Neuron Brain Path?

We cannot break the brain path directly however, we can create a new brain path. And once the new brain path becomes stronger, the old brain path continues to grow weaker. In this neuron and brain path-building process, our subconscious mind plays a vital role, especially basal ganglia which is the part of our subconscious brain. Basal ganglia are the key controller.

Who sends the message to all the neurons? With repetition don’t forget to celebrate your habits. if you are not enjoying or celebrating your habits, you will feel bored very soon, so to avoid such situations, start celebrating.

Focus on one habit at a time. When it comes to building a habit, people often jump and start building many habits at the same time and soon feel exhausted. it is always better to start with one habit at a time. By doing this you will never lose your excitement. When you focus on one habit at a time, you can easily channel your energy. While building habits, if you start keeping things near to you then it becomes very easy to break the barrier and build the habits easily like, such as keeping the book near to your study table, keeping your shoes so that you get tempted and start thinking about walking or running again and again.

These are the simple exercises that I feel anybody and everybody can easily perform in the easiest way.

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