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Dr. K. K. Pant


  • Director, IIT Roorkee (On deputation), Former Dean Faculty IIT Delhi, Professor (Former Head) Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

  • Petrotech Chair (Federation of Indian Petroleum Industries)

Professor K. K. Pant is currently serving as the Director at IIT Roorkee (on deputation), following his previous role as the Dean of Faculty at IIT Delhi. He holds the esteemed position of Petrotech (FIPI) Chair Professor and also serves as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, Joint Faculty at CRDT IIT Delhi, and Honorary Faculty at the University of Queensland in Australia. Renowned as one of India's leading academicians, Prof. Pant focuses on cutting-edge and futuristic technologies of national and international importance. His research encompasses catalysis and reaction engineering, with specific expertise in coal-to-methanol conversion, e-waste and plastic management, hydrogen generation, CO2 capture and conversion, and biomass valorization, among others.


Prof. Pant's outstanding contributions to the field of chemical engineering have earned him recognition worldwide. A recent study conducted by Stanford University identified him as one of the top 2% scientists in the field. With over 30 years of academic and industrial research experience, he has published more than 240 papers, over 13,361 citations and achieving an impressive h-index of 60 and an i10-index of 182. Additionally, he holds numerous patents and has successfully completed over 50 high-impact projects and consultancies worth more than 1.02 billion Indian Rupees from esteemed companies and government organizations.

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