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Green Hydrogen in India

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Green hydrogen in India is fuelled by the vision of the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi during his Independence speech on 15 Aug’21

Green hydrogen in India has a long way to go as we have to build an ecosystem to enable the interested parties to procure the necessary hardware to reduce their carbon footprint. Understanding the concept of Green Hydrogen Energy is very important for implementing and extracting the complete benefits of Green Hydrogen Energy. In this blog, we will learn about various aspects of Green Hydrogen in India and in subsequent blogs, we will share deeper knowledge about Green Hydrogen in India and details of technologies involved in Electrolyzer, Hydrogen Storage, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

Green Hydrogen in India
Green Hydrogen in India

Clean fuel

Green Hydrogen in India is termed as a clean fuel because in the complete value chain of Green Hydrogen in India CO2 is not produced and we have a minimal carbon footprint. In this setup the initial source of energy is generated through Renewable energy sources i.e. Solar power or a Windmill which is used to run the electrolyzer.

The electrolyzer produces the hydrogen gas which is stored at high pressure. We will go into detail about the working of the electrolyzer in the subsequent blogs. This hydrogen is then fed into the Hydrogen fuel cell to produce electricity and water. Thus by using this concept we have eliminated the usage of fossil fuels. Hence Green Hydrogen Energy in India is termed a clean fuel as well.

National Hydrogen Mission

National Hydrogen mission is one of the initiatives by THE MINISTRY OF PETROLEUM & NATURAL GAS. Green Hydrogen in India is promoted by The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoPNG) through their initiatives by ensuring greater use of hydrogen in the energy mix. The first pilot project is on Grey Hydrogen, or Hydrogen CNG (H-CNG) initiative, where hydrogen is blended with compressed natural gas (CNG) to the extent of 18%, for use as a transportation fuel at Rajghat Bus depot. The link for the complete mission is provided on this page

Green hydrogen plant in India

Green Hydrogen Plant India vision is taking shape and the first pure green hydrogen plant was commissioned in Jorhat. Oil India Limited (OIL) has taken the first significant step toward a Green Hydrogen Economy in India with the commissioning of India’s First 99.999% pure Green Hydrogen pilot plant, with an installed capacity of 10 kg per day at its Jorhat Pump Station in Assam today. The plant was commissioned in a record time of 3 months.

Green Hydrogen in India is a very important step and every individual should aim for reducing their carbon footprint.

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