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Dr Ameen A. Al-Muntaser

Head Liquid Hydrogen Projects

Ameen A. Al-Muntaser is a research fellow and teaching assistant at Kazan Federal University, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies. Earning his Bachelor's and Master's degrees with honor in Chemical Engineering from Kazan National Research Technological University, Russia, Al-Muntaser is currently advancing towards his Ph.D. in Petrochemistry. Specific interests include thermal methods for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) including steam injection, new technologies for in-situ heavy oil upgrading, Heavy oil upgrading, Oil shale conversion,Hydrothermal desulfurization, Catalytic systems, Energy & Fuels, Refining of oil and gas, Supercritical water, Geochemical evaluations, Hydrogen technologies (generation, storage and transportation of hydrogen and energy carriers with a low carbon footprint). Fluent in English, Russian, Arabic, and possessing a background in the French language,  his academic and research career is distinguished by an impressive publication record, including high-impact journals and significant contributions to heavy oil refining, catalytic upgrading, and the hydrogen economy.

He has been authorized 3 patents and is author and co-author of more than 70 scientific papers (H-index of 16), and 4 book chapters, has been awarded Scientific scholarship in the field of research in petrochemistry, oil production and upgrading. He has participated and given presentations in international conferences about 15 times since 2016, including 4 times SPE conferences presenting technical presentations.

He is a reviewer of the international journal including FUEL, Energy conversion and management, Geoenergy science and engineering, and Energy & Fuel.

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